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Motivated by a desire to integrate informal environmental learning into the daily lives of Aspen youth, we developed a natural playscape specific to the needs of the tiniest of adventurers with the development of an integrated tree' house' boardwalk, willow fort, tree trunk hop along, the obligatory sandbox, and gardens filled with wonder to explore.

From the very origins of the project, child-health and well-being were at the forefront of the design and challenged us to uphold the highest standards of safety, while maintaining the spark that imbues nature play with its sense of wonder.  The result is a carefully-crafted hybrid while still allowing children to explore authentically. 

On our playground, you will find majestic Aspen trees that seem to spring out of the boardwalk tree' house,' that lend themselves to great conversations, rest, and rejuvenation.

Flower and veggie gardens provide a place of learning as well as imagination.  Our gardens are robust with flowering annuals and the veggie garden tracking growth from seed to table. 

Intriguing tree trunks at various elevations hop their way throughout the site crossing the faux grass, and wood chips.  The softness of the wood is repeated in an inviting tunnel and seats for snuggling and reading.

From its boardwalk tree 'house' to its hop around tree trunks, the natural playscape at Aspen Mountain Tots is the result of a desire where children are free to explore their imaginations with loose parts, open-ended materials, and the natural world including a help yourself tasting garden. 

This natural play space also offers an opportunity for continued collaboration and social events with families while we gather for book clubs and seasonal celebrations.       

Picture credit: Bluegreen Landscape Architect

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