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Exploring Aspen


Open Monday-Thursday, 7:30-5:00

We are a year-round program

No drop-in or seasonal care is available.

AMT is a progressive, non-traditional preschool program that embraces a play-based curriculum with a strong emphasis on social-emotional learning. Social Skills include; Getting a person's attention, greeting people, sharing, turn taking, offering a play idea, conflict resolution, and, standing up for themselves. 

These skills are critical to their educational success; Children who master these skills before kindergarten are able to focus on the increasingly academic nature of early elementary curriculums. 

Emotion coaching teaches children to identify their emotions and those of others. Becoming comfortable with their emotions leads to greater ease of self-regulating, labeling and communicating their feelings, and finding empathy for the feelings of others.

Our play-based curriculum is balanced with free play, loose parts, open-ended materials, child-led, and teacher-directed opportunities. 

We hope to give children and their families a positive first experience with school, fostering a love of learning, a sense of belonging, while they develop necessary skills that will carry them through life.

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