Exploring Aspen


Our school focuses on the child as a whole; teaching cognitive development, language and literacy, with the strongest focus on social emotional development. It is our goal to help the children develop into successful individuals, and as a part of a group, letting them explore their surroundings.

It is important to incorporate all aspects of the children’s lives including their family and school life and the community at large to enrich their skills and to ensure they develop respect for themselves, others and their environment; parent participation, cooking projects, and cultural exposure are strongly encouraged. 

We believe a high quality program should offer small group sizes, primary caregivers, familiar peers, and a reduction in the number of times a child needs to transition to a new room. Children learn through play, in a trusted and safe environment. 

We have a strong emphasis on social emotional learning and teach these valuable skills through a natural environment. Children who learn strong social emotional skills are less stressed and more ready to learn academics when it is age appropriate, and therefore more successful in long term family educational goals.

 Our Staff objectives are....

To provide high quality childcare based on the emotional, physical, cognitive and language areas of development for children.

To provide high quality childcare with small group size and small ratios.

To maintain a safe and stimulating environment for the children.

To enable parents to feel confident and secure in their workplace, knowing their child is loved and cared for while in our center.